Cledwyn Hughes

British author. His one pony book,
Ponies for Children, sounds like a non-fiction title, and in fact that analysis is not far off the mark. The book is one of the fictionalised riding manual type books which turn up from time to time in the pony book genre. Not sure what the author's connection was to horses, as this was his only foray into the equine book territory. He wrote  a few other non-horsy novels and some short stories, although seems to have been best known for his non-fictional works on Wales.

Horse and Pony Books

Fairly rare.
SUMMARY: Riding and pony care instructional manual wrapped up in the fictional story of a horse mad family in which the young children are learning to look after ponies, whilst their father writes his own pony-care book.

Collectors Info:
Quite hard to find, though not impossible. May be very hard to find outside the UK however.